A quick primal breakfast

So this primal eating malarky is going well. Another cm off the waist and one percent drop in body fat in the last 2 weeks (and I haven’t been sticking to it that well!).

eggsSo we have had a few times this chorizo egg wrap for breakfast. However, today we put the heated up chorizo mixture (I made a big batch up on the weekend for such an occasion) on a bed of spinach and then topped with poached eggs. It was awesome. The runny egg with the spicy meat and peppers really reminds me of food in Malaysia (sort of Nasi Lemak flavours).  […]

Another primal experiment update

Well this primal thing is going quite well. Have lost a few kilos, reduced my body fat percentage and taken another cm of my waist. All by eating unprocessed food!!! The latest development is that we have started ordering meat through Athleat. You can check out their site for the details but it’s basically grass[…]

Primal experiment update

Well, I thought I would give a quick update as to my primal experiment. My better half has gone on holiday, which has left me fending for myself. This, however, combined with the kids TKD classes still not starting back yet, with a lot more free time. Which means more time to experiment with a[…]

Eat healthier for 5 days CHALLENGE

Here’s a simple challenge (simple but may not be easy).

For 5 days (Mon-Fri) only eat whole food. That means nothing that has multiple ingredients on the food label (in fact it shouldn’t need a food label!). You should feel much better by then end of the week and have lost a few pounds […]

Early morning rant…the Dukan diet

Perhaps it’s because I have been up since 4am today but I found one article on the BBC news particularly irksome. The article was about the current fad called the Dukan diet. It’s not that this diet is worse than any other, I get very annoyed at the term ‘diet’ in general and especially at these fad diets that are not sustainable in the long run. […]