Eat healthier for 5 days CHALLENGE

Here’s a simple challenge (simple but may not be easy).

For 5 days (Mon-Fri) only eat whole food. That means nothing that has multiple ingredients on the food label (in fact it shouldn’t need a food label!). You should feel much better by then end of the week and have lost a few pounds, just by not putting poor quality food into your body.

The rules

You can have fruit (not too much), vegetables (a lot), meat, fish, nuts, eggs, oats (only 100% oats, not the quakers sachets with sugar added), milk, water, rice, cheese, yoghurt (if nothing added).

Exceptions: Tea, coffee, protein shakes, vitamins,

You can not have: cereal, bread, baked beans, cakes, sweets, pastries, noodles, pasta, ketchup (home made sauces using veg is ok), chocolate, alcohol.

Basically, if you can catch it, kill it or grow it then it’s ok.

Try it for 5 days, you will feel great afterwards. It’s tough for the first day or two and does take some planning and discipline but it might just be the start of a healthier lifestyle.