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Different services available
Fat loss training

In the gym, at home or in the park we use a combination of resistance training, kettlebells and circuits to create an optimal fat burning environment.

Strength & conditioning

Using scientific training methods to get you ready for your sport. Olympic lifting, plyometrics, speed work, kettlebells and much more.

Nutrition coaching

Whether you want to get lean, bulk up or just be healthy we can provide the nutrition plan to suit your needs.

Martial arts

With over 20 years of Martial Arts experience we know how to get you strong, fit and flexible. Bodyweight training, disciplined mind and perseverance.

About US

Personal Trainer in Tunbridge Wells

Actuate Personal Training has been training clients in Tunbridge Wells since 2010. We’re here to help you burn fat, tone up and get fit. At Actuate we offer small group and personal training, exercise programmes, food plans and nutritional advice for anyone, at home, in the park or at the gym. The focus is on what you can do that fits in with your life and getting you to achieve your goals. Training is at EPL in High Brooms, Tunbridge Wells, near the train station. We also offer Martial arts classes for kids and adults.

  • Elite Performance

    Coach Thompson trains clients at Elite Performance Labs in Tunbridge Wells. The leading performance facility in the area.

  • Martial arts

    With over 25 years of Taekwon-Do training, is an international instructor and a coach of the England Taekwon-Do team.

  • Nutrition

    A major part of getting fit and improving performance. Coach T is a qualified nutrition advisor and can help with your food planning.

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