Primal experiment update

Well, I thought I would give a quick update as to my primal experiment. My better half has gone on holiday, which has left me fending for myself. This, however, combined with the kids TKD classes still not starting back yet, with a lot more free time. Which means more time to experiment with a primal approach to cooking.

DSC_3019First off I cooked wild salmon in a spicy cumin rub with a zingy chilli, lime and avocado salsa. Check out the recipe at Laylita’s recipes. It requires 5 mins of pre to make the marinade and then leave the fish in it. But you can put it all together later in the day in 5 mins. I made sure that the salmon was wild (could only get this from M&S although apparently Morrison’s sell wild fish). The avocado and salsa ingredients were all from the local green grocers (locality on Camden road).

I am not terribly fond of veg. I find that there are only a few select vegetables that I like although I am getting better at eating more. The only way I can get through some of them is with garlic mayo. However, store bought stuff is filled with hydrogenated oils and countless preservatives. So, as I was home alone I tried making my own garlic mayo, and then some ketchup!

garlic mayoThey were both pretty simple and quick, however, I must confess that I am not over the moon about either. With the ketchup I made a mistake of using cider vinegar as it was all I had – DON’T DO THIS! The mayo is ok but not great – I’m going to experiment and try again. Watch this space.