Another primal experiment update

Well this primal thing is going quite well. Have lost a few kilos, reduced my body fat percentage and taken another cm of my waist. All by eating unprocessed food!!!

DSC_3039The latest development is that we have started ordering meat through Athleat. You can check out their site for the details but it’s basically grass fed, outdoor bred meat. The box arrived the next day, well packaged and with loads of goodies. The picante sausages are amazing on the bbq (although it looks like the weather has put a halt on that) and there are a lot of them so we put most of them in the freezer. The biltong and jerky are great snacks. The steak and mince were really good. But the surprise was the bone marrow. I’ve never had it before but it was good. It’s only a small meal really but it is a good snack and keeps you going – plus it’s fun! Just stand them up on the ends and wack them in the oven (about 180 c) for 20 mins. Then have plenty of fun trying to get the marrow out (regular eaters would do well to buy some bone marrow spoons).

I almost forgot, the most amazing mega breakfast. You MUST try this. Eggs, pork (or beef), onions, peppers, mushrooms (my own addition), sweet potato and spinach. Follow this recipe. Great if you have just done a killer 4 hour training session with the national Taekwon-Do team.


What else, oh yeah, I made a second batch of mayo, this one is much better. No egg whites, just yokes.