Time to get ready for Summer

Yes, you could wait until June and then hit the gym 6 times a week and eat like a monk, making your self depressed, feeling guilty for any treats and struggling to cope when you are out socialising. And then probably not getting the beach body you were hoping for. There is another way. Start[…]

Recommended Supplements

There are hundreds if not thousands of supplements available these days. And if you eat a balanced, healthy diet you probably don’t need most of them. However, it is very difficult to get everything you need from food. For example, magnesium is depleted from soil due to current agricultural practises, or if you are weight[…]

get fit

January half way – get fit tips

So we’re halfway through January already. How are the new year resolutions to get fit going? Most people have already given in to the no alcohol/chocolate/pizza resolutions and not many will have worked out everyday as planned. But what did you expect? No one can sustain a 100% effort for very long. It’s impossible. But[…]


England National Team Coach

After many years as a competitor in the England Taekwon-Do team Luke has retired from competition and has now been selected as one of the national team’s coaches. “It is a real honour and I am looking forward to helpingĀ the best athletes in the country work towards the European Championships in Finland later in the[…]

New Year Get Fit

As 2016 approaches lots of people decide that this is the year that they are going to get fit, lose that muffin top, run that marathon or just get a bit healthier. But it can be daunting task, especially when you don’t see the results that you want immediately or get injured before the end[…]

Tacfit workshop in Belgium

Spent a great weekend in Belgium training in Tacfit with Alberto Gallazzi. The workshop was great fun and practised lots of bodyweight flow type movements. The emphasis was on how the body could and should move, preventing injury and essential skills. We also practised some clubbell techniques and of course, did a killer circuit! Thanks[…]