Continuing Professional Development

precisionContinuing professional development is on my priority list. Staying up to date is of vital importance in the fitness industry. New scientific discoveries are always being made, changing what we thought we knew about the human body and new technologies offer new ways to exercise.

The industry is also poorly regulate.This means that a lot of trainers can simply pass their initial qualification and then never update their knowledge.

So if you are looking for a trainer ask them what CPD they are doing? What was the last course they went on? What are they reading? When was their last first aid course?

The industry loves a fad; vipr, kettlebells, HIIT, suspension trainers, S&C, vibration plates…some are great, some are terrible. The trainers who keep updating their skill set will use what is useful and get rid of the rest. Those who recommend one method as┬áthe holy grail likely don’t know what they are talking about.

continuing professional developmentCurrently I am studying Precision Nutrition Level 1 and have recently qualified as a KBT level 2 Strength and Conditioning coach. Here is a pic of the books that I have recently studied.