Xmas tips

Eating too much at Christmas is a given. Yes, in an ideal world everyone would load up on veggies, enjoy some good quality protein, have a little potato and skip the pudding. But in reality most people see this time of the year as a treat and I include myself in this. So here are some tips to minimise the damage and still enjoy yourself:

  • Each your veggies first, then the meat, then everything else if you can still fit it in
  • Have a big glass of water before you eat
  • Do some exercise in the morning, do something to get your metabolism revved up for the rest of the day – circuit still weight training is best but anything that gets your heart rate up will do.
  • Don’t waste your treat calories (is that even a thing?) on poor quality junk. Eat a hearty cooked dinner and have a nice bit of a homemade pudding. Don’t fill up on sweets that aren’t even that good.

Enjoy the festive break. Merry Christmas everyone!