Wednesday workout – 17/07/13

Well, we missed a week due to the Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do gradings and London Open but the Wednesday workout is back. 

The usual rules apply, please make sure that you are fit enough to exercise first and note that it should be tough. If you feel ill then please stop.

The workout:

Warm up with joint rotations, forward and side lunges, hip bridges, leg raises and alternate squat thrusts.

Perform the following exercises for 20 seconds back to back then rest for 1 minute before repeating 3 or 4 times:

  • Kettlebell swing
  • Kettlebell lunges
  • Push ups
  • Squat thrusts
  • Overhead carry (hold weight overhead and walk).

Finish the workout with 1 minute plank hold – to make it harder alternate raising your feet.

Enjoy and drink plenty of water in this heatwave!