Tunbridge Wells Osteopath

Over the years I have seen a lot of osteopaths, chiropractors, physio’s etc etc. I have had a long standing shoulder problem and an on-off painful lower back for the last 7 years not to mention all the knocks, strains, breaks and pulled muscles from years of doing intense training and contact sport. I have never really found someone who can help me recover long term and be better prepared against future injuries. Often just finding a quick fix so I can continue with life but never really addressing the underlying issue. 

So it was a great relief when I stubbled upon Katharine Dabner at TW Health. Having moved to Tunbridge Wells 5 years ago I have flitted from practitioner to practitioner never finding someone who would really try to help me get fixed permanently. Until now. My first appointment with Katharine was the most thorough examination that I have ever had. She found old injuries that I had forgotten about and set about working on the postural problems rather than the referred pain sites. I have only seen her a couple of times so far and am already feeling much better.

Rather than booking me in regularly she seems genuinely interested in fixing me so she doesn’t have to see me (I’ll try not to read too much into that!). I don’t often recommend someone’s business and when I do I make sure that it is a good service/product by using it myself. And this is exactly that. If you have a bad back, an old injury, pain from a car crash or difficulties moving I strongly suggest that you get in touch with Katharine ASAP. Here is a link to her website. http://www.twhealth.co.uk/