New Year Get Fit

11850349_699312713502392_821160563_nAs 2016 approaches lots of people decide that this is the year that they are going to get fit, lose that muffin top, run that marathon or just get a bit healthier. But it can be daunting task, especially when you don’t see the results that you want immediately or get injured before the end of January. And if you are new to exercise just walking into the gym can seem like a minefield.

I don’t know what your goals are or what your injuries are but here are some simple tips to help you start the new year (but you don’t have to wait until Jan to start!)

  • Write down what you want – a list of goals (3 max) will help keep you motivated. Now decided which one is the most important and focus on that, at least for the first few months.
  • Then come up with a realistic timescale – dropping 10kg in 2 weeks is not realistic!
  • VID_20140625_101418-003Can you break this goal and timeframe down into more manageable chunks? So a 3 month plan becomes 3 x 1 month blocks…this maybe easier to stick to. Especially if you can then break them down further. So rather that trying not to drink fizzy drinks for 3 months just aim less in the first week.
  • Whether you want to lose weight, bulk up or recover from injury you need to pay attention to your nutrition. This is more important that exercise.
  • Hire a trainer. Yes, I know, what a surprise a PT suggesting your hire a PT. The point is that if you value your health find someone who can help you. It doesn’t have to be several times  a week. After you have learnt the exercises it could be once a month, just to check in. Trainers spend their time learning what works and what doesn’t in the gym and can save you waisting your time and also help with diet tips.
  • But it’s too expensive? So a once a month £40 session is too much but spending £30-£50 each Saturday on booze is worth it? Then I suggest that you don’t really want to be healthier, you just want it to land on your lap. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that.
  • Be serious, be realistic. If you have spent the last 3 years eating pizza and donuts and drinking booze several nights a week then do you think you can undo all that damage in a couple of months? This is the most common reason that people give up on their new years resolutions. If you have abused your health for years then be prepared for it to take at least a year if not more to correct it.
  • Stop jogging. Your slow paced ‘run’ is likely making you worse. If you enjoy running then that’s great. But you need to be strong and healthy to run. Running is a sport. Not a method to get thin. You need to be fit to run not the other way around. Lift weights and do intervals.

10890744_911157692241902_410805137_nIf you need any more advice or want to learn some weight training techniques or even work on a diet plan then please get in touch. I have some morning and mid day slots available at the Gym in the centre of Tunbridge Wells.

And good luck for the New Year!