S & C videos for Martial Arts Athletes

Here are some S & C clips of England athlete Steven Arroyo preparing for the World Championships. Steven trains at Elite Performance Labs with Actuate PT. Are you a martial artists looking to take your training to the next level? We design S & C programming so it aids your martial arts training and not inhibit it. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Below are some videos of S & C exercises that develop leg strength, core work and power output. These exercises have to be well planned as Steven trains many times a week, and the gym work can not negatively impact his training with the national team. Ofter gym programmes detract from the actual sport that the athlete is trying to prepare for. Either making them bulk up and lose speed and flexibility or cause too much soreness. Excessive DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) can then inhibit the athletes training and they could event start to overtrain. This is where S & C programming comes in. It’s not just a gym workout, it identifies the needs of the sport, the weaknesses of the athletes and what can be done to help them reach the next level.

Here there are mixture of exercises working on power output, strength and creating a metabolic disturbance; landmine press, banded leg swings, pistol squats and rows.

Heavy trap bar deadlifts for strengthening the posterior chain.

Banded single leg hip thrusts.

Alongside S&C programming is a recovery strategy that involves correct nutrition, sleep, massage and active recovery. Martial arts athletes are often over trained. Due to the nature of the sport there is a very old school mentality of ‘more is better’ and that athletes should just train through injuries. But at high level competition this is just not possible and causes more damage than good. Short intense workouts, with proper rest and nutrition brings about much better results.

Steven has 3 gold European medals and 2 silver World medals. Steven also trains at Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do as well as running his own club in Lewes.