January half way – get fit tips

get fitSo we’re halfway through January already. How are the new year resolutions to get fit going? Most people have already given in to the no alcohol/chocolate/pizza resolutions and not many will have worked out everyday as planned.

But what did you expect? No one can sustain a 100% effort for very long. It’s impossible. But don’t fret, here are some tips to help, building on the earlier article New Year Tips



  • 100% is unachievable for more than a couple of weeks. Whether its going to the gym or eating better will power will always break. Instead go for 80% success. Whatever the goal is do your best for 80% of the time and PLAN for the other 20% (see next tip)
  • Plan for those days when you can’t manage the gym/diet etc. Instead of no chocolate in January try avoiding it for 6 days and then let yourself have a treat. By planning for it you can make sure you have a few pieces of good quality chocolate rather than running out and binging on several bars. After the break from the diet get right back to it for another 6 days.
  • Don’t stress if you fall off the wagon. Put it behind you and move on. Especially when it comes to diet, if your overindulged don’t think ‘sod it, I’ll just eat everything and start again on Monday’. Step away from the ice cream and get back to your broccoli and steak meal plan. Also don’t go the other way and try to make up for it by missing meals. You are more likely to cheat again.
  • Always have a plan when you walk into the gym. Every session should be planned whether you do the same session 2-3 times a week or you do a body part split. Write it down, take it with you and record the weights that you lift. After 4-6 weeks change it up as your body will start to adapt and you will more than likely struggle to keep making gains. Beginners and very advanced individuals can wait a bit longer before changing their programme.

Good luck!