New! Wednesday workout

workoutToday we start a new series, the Wednesday. Each week I will be posting a short, fat burning metabolic workout using minimal equipment. Please make sure that you have seen your physician and are cleared to exercise. If you feel light-headed or any discomfort take a break and speak to your doctor if you don’t feel better after a few minutes. Remember that exercise by it’s very nature should be hard work. We take no responsibility for your health – if you need advice please get in touch.

So, the workout!

Warm up

  • Joint rotations – arm circles, trunk twists, hip circles, leg swings etc x10
  • Star jumps x10
  • Squats, reverse lunges, side lunges x10 of each
  • Star jumps x20
  • T-push ups x10
  • Hip bridge x 10
  • Star jumps x30

The workout – perform each exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds at the end then repeat the circuit three times.

After doing it three times move on to the second circuit. This time repeat each exercise 8 times and repeat the circuit four times.

Afterwards perform stretches for all the major muscle groups – hamstrings, hip flexors, chest and upper back. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds.