Why hire a trainer?

I regularly see a number of people working out in the gym and aimlessly flitting from one exercise to another, with no real idea of what they are doing or with too light a weight. Women treading water on the cross trainer for 10 minutes, not working up a sweat before performing a quick circuit using the leg adductor machines and some barbie weights for tricep kick backs…or sixth formers lifting epic amounts of iron with their bicep curls after no warm up and no balanced or compound exercise (presumably to train for liftng a really heavy pint of lager?). Don’t get me wrong, there are some people who seem to go through balanced workouts, recording their progress as they go. Even those people who follow the latest workout in Mens Health are on the right track. The pro’s of hiring a trainer:

  • teach you new exercises 
  • create balanced workouts
  • help you achieve your goals
  • keep you motivated
  • stop any accidental cheating
  • give you nutrition advice

What’s the con? Price, right? So the average training session costs between £30-£40. If you can motivate yourself to train you can hire a trainer for a session once a month(ish) to help you with your programming and any new exercises. Surely it’s worth it for your health or achieving your goals?
So stop milling about, get a trainer and start reaching your goals.