New price plan – very affordable PT in Tunbridge Wells – £12 a session!!!

We have revamped our pricing structure here at Actuate PT. Moving away from a per hour fee (although this is still available) we now offer a few different options. The new packages offer great value on personal training – you could get £12 a session!!!

  1. 2 x 45 minute sessions a week – on standing order for 6 months – £96 a month, that’s £12 a session!
  2. 2 x 45 minute sessions a week – on standing order for 3 months – £120 a month, that’s £15 a session!
  3. 2 x 45 minute sessions for 4 weeks – £150, that’s £18.75 a session.

The main reason for this move is two fold. Firstly, the main problem that people have in reaching their fitness goals is that they find it hard to persevere with their plan for long enough to see the results of their efforts. Secondly, most people are more likely to achieve their goals if they have a trainer to help them but this is not affordable for a lot of people.

Here at Actuate we don’t think that personal training should be reserved for the wealthy, it should be there for everyone. Therefore we have created these options, which make personal training very affordable and last long enough for you to see the results of your hard work.

If you are interested in getting some help to either burn some fat or tone up get in touch. We offer a free consultation and a trial week for £20 (which includes 2 x 45 minute sessions).

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