Merry Christmas

So it’s Xmas time and we all know that means lots of food, drink and sitting around. I’m not going to preach to you about not eating too much because I know that you are going to anyway (me included). So, instead, here are some thoughts on how to do a little bit of damage limitation:

  1. Go for a walk each day.
  2. Even better go for a short run. I don’t mean running for ages, just sprint up a hill, then walk to recover then repeat as many times until your legs start to wobble.
  3. Lift some weights – the gym’s are practically empty in between Xmas and NYE. Short and sweet workouts, get in, get out and get on with your holiday.
  4. Put more meat and veg on your plate and less potato. It will fill you up and not go straight to your waist.
  5. Don’t think that you might as well wait until the New Year to start your fat loss mission. Every bit of excess now adds more fat that has to be burned off later.
  6. Wine over beer if you can, there are fewer calories in wine (but if you drink a lot then it won’t make much difference).
  7. Skip the Quality Streets and Roses, they are just sugar and come on, they don’t actually TASTE very nice either. If you have a sweet tooth at least buy some quality chocolate like Stas Chocolate from Waitrose. Tastes better and none of the preservative rubbish that mass produced sweets have.
  8. Invisible training is just as important as working out. Use this time to recover from aches and pains and let muscle adaptation happen by taking it easy for a couple of days.

OK, so there was a bit about not eating too much.
Enjoy the holiday – Merry Christmas all!