3 months to get ready for summer

trainerHave you booked your summer holiday? Have you even started to think about getting ready for beach? Perhaps its a bit early to start getting fit, you can start in July, that’s enough time, right? I think you know the real answer.

There is simple way to losing that extra bit of fat around the belly or legs but it’s not sexy. It starts now. 3 months of exercising and eating better. In all the years that I have been training clients there is one thing that works time and time again – consistency. Diets, bootcamps, fasting, they all fail. Strength training, energy system work and eating unprocessed food 80% of the time works. Again and again and again. You don’t have to exercise 6 days a week and drink cabbage water for 6 weeks. This will lead to injury and misery.

deadliftingThe solution is simple;

  • Strength train (weights) twice a week
  • Do conditioning (cardio, energy system work etc) 2 times a week
  • Increase your Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), basically do more non exercise activity, walking, gardening etc
  • Gym, run, swim, play football, cycle, join a class, go kite surfing – whatever it is do something you enjoy
  • Eat unprocessed food 80% of the time. Don’t aim for 100%, it’s impossible
  • Limit alcohol to once a week

And do all of this for 3 months. Then you will start to see results. Sure, I can train you everyday, prescribe a low carb, restrictive diet and you might last 2 weeks and drop some weight but you will put it all back just as fast and be really unhappy. Be consistent with your workout and nutrition and you will get there without the misery.

Don’t know where to start? Get in touch for a free consultation – maybe you just need some advice, maybe you need a gym programme or maybe you just need to be shown how to use certain equipment. Whatever it is we will try to help or at least point you in the right direction.