Recommended reading

This month I have read quite a bit (research, books, articles etc) and here is a short list of the ones that I think can really help you.

toolsTools of Titans by Tim Ferriss – this is a catalogue of the authors interviews with some of the most successful people on the planet. I really like some of the fitness guru’s and athletes like Charles Poliquin, Pavel Tsatsouline, Kelly Starrett and Arnold Sscwarzenegger but there is plenty of advice from businessmen to actors. And the book is really easy to jump from chapter to chapter depending on what interests you.

legacyLegacy by James Kerr – recommended to me by Master Stephen Cooley, this is a great book about the success of the All Blacks and how their leadership style can be applied to life.

Article on with some tips on how to curb your appetite.

Next month I’ll put together a few more recommendations for you to check out.