TKD Tigers grading success!

On the 17th March, Tunbridge Wells Taekwon-Do School held its second grading. The first part was assessing the TKD Tigers (3-6 year olds who learn various life skills ranging from stranger danger to dealing with bullies to fire, water and road safety along with elements from the Korean Martial Art Taekwon-Do).

To start off the students played some warm up games and then showed how they would deal with bullies. Afterwards the children showed a mix of kicks punches and blocks as well as their knowledge of the Korean terminology. Three Tigers were successful in passing their yellow stripe and five got their green stripe. All eight also received their dealing with bullies patches and certificates.

If you are interested in TKD Tigers or Taekwon-Do please contact Actuate TKD’s chief instructor Luke Thompson . Classes are at Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre on St Johns Road.